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Mesh Bag Draw String w/ Shoulder Strap Yellow

717 reviews
  • Model: PB000021
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  • Manufactured by: 101Snorkel

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Snorkel Mesh Bag
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Mesh Snorkeling Bag! **** Draw String Top with Closer **** Shoulder Strap **** 18in wide and 30 inch Tall **** Great for Many Sports and Boats. Rinse Gear in Bag All Mesh Gear & Bag Dry Fast Compact to Store Fit fins up to 30 inch long Ideal for transporting and rinsing your equipment Full mesh, this bag is the ideal bag to store your equipment after either scuba or apnea. It is long enough to store fins up to 30 inch long. It can be folded up in seconds for storage.


717 reviews
  • By CB On 2017-12-15I bought this through prime 3 days before my first trip to the Caribbean. It arrived on time. For the price it cant be beat. I believe it was about $10, much cheaper than the other bags dedicated to snorkel gear which were 35 & up. My main driver for getting this bag was price and consistent reviews indicating it could hold two sets of gear. As a single dad who likes to travel with my kid, I end schlepping everything about 95% of the time, so the more I can consolidate bags, the better.After a lot of research I decided to opt away from my normal blue that I go for and get all of my snorkel gear in bright yellow so that if it happened to fall off in the water it would be easier to spot. This bag, while more of a fluorescent yellow, still matched my gear pretty well.Pros- It holds a ton of stuff. I ended up using this as my daily bag while in ST Thomas and St Croix and here is a list of the most I stuffed in this thing: Mares Superchannel Full Foot Fins Size 11/12, Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel, Tusa Freedom HD mask in the case, My daughters full US Divers childrens snorkel set in it's mesh bag, 3oz tube of rubber ducky sunscreen, mens oakley rash guard tee, kids rash guard tee, nikon coolpix waterproof camera, two oversized thick beach towels, couple cans of soda, a bag of seashells, change of clothes for my daughter (6yr old), and a couple of other odds and ends. This bag was able to take more, not much more but I could have fit more in it. With it stuffed this full the heel of the superchannels might stick out of the top depending on how they sit in the bag. With the bag relatively empty, it had no problem containing the superchannels with a few inches to spare.- Has plastic D ring at the top where the should strap is attached. This was awesome to clip my crushproof sunglass case to which also ended up storing my extra camera cards and things I didnt want getting wet or sandy.- Has drawstrings on two sides of the opening and has a cinch lock on both sides. Opening opens up pretty wide, full diameter of the bag iirc.Cons - Not so much cons as nice to haves- External pocket or two. One big enough to hold mask in case and another for things like phone, keys, camera etc. Maybe waterproof or at least solid to keep sand out as much as possible.- Second shoulder strap. Although just having one wasnt too bad but with only one you still have those times where you bend over or lean and the bag slides off your shoulder.- Reaching for this one but make the D ring metal. The plastic seemed thick and sturdy but I could envision situations where it might get broken off.- A separate loop at the top for hanging on a hook.So after 10 days being stuffed and unpacked and tossed around on boats and floors and cars and beaches and parking lots etc it still looks pretty new, has no rips, tears, or signs of wear and Im definitely happy with it for $16 including S&H.
  • By Lauren C On 2017-12-15I bought this bag to use on a trip to Hawaii. I wanted something to throw my snorkel gear and fins in that wouldn't collect a ton of sand. The bag has been great. It's large enough for my full size fins, booties, mask, snorkel and sunscreen. If I really cram everything in, I can fit a thin beach towel too but it's a tight fit.
  • By Geocacher On 2017-12-15We found out after receiving our snorkel gear in the mail that the large backpack we planned to use to carry our snorkel gear to the beach on our cruise was not going to cut it, not big enough for the fins. I found this snorkel bag while searching Amazon and the price was good and so was the reviews so I bought two of them, different colors. I was pleased when I received them. The mesh is not like that thin mesh in laundry bags (which I thought it might be.) It looks strong and much better made than I actually was expecting. Some have said they carry two people's snorkel gear in one bag. It would be really cramming it in there to do that with adult fins. But then, I keep our masks in their hardshell carrying cases to keep them from ruining their shape and that takes up more space. If that isn't an issue maybe it would all fit but it would be heavy to carry. I'm an senior female and my fins, snorkel, mask, and my waterproof wallet case all fits in nice with room for a water bottle and some snacks. I can carry my own equipment (it isn't too heavy) and my husband has one for his. I don't like having my husband carry it all. Share the load! Plus, overloading it would probably shorten its lifespan. Of course I haven't used it yet in action. If it doesn't hold up or I find something wrong during our cruise, I'll revise this review. PS I like the hook ring on them. I have the bags hanging on the rafter beams in the basement on a nail, out of the way.
  • By J. Rags On 2017-12-15Perfect size bag for my fins, snorkel, snorkel vest and my mask that I keep in its box. Seems to be constructed nicely and the yellow color is fun!
  • By Dennis On 2017-12-15Holds my snorkeling gear 2years later. Like it a lot.
  • By Chris Seyfarth On 2017-12-15Easily fit 2 full sized sets on snorkel gear with some room to spare. Material seems tough enough to last many years without fail.
  • By Haley Williams On 2017-12-15I bought this as I started a SCUBA certification class. I was a little weary at first - not sure whether it would fit all of my gear or not. It fits everything, with plenty of room left! I didn't put my tank or BC in there, but it fit my Aqualung fins, snorkel, mask, booties, and mask cleaner. My fianc was skeptical as well, since he received a free mesh bag with his fins, but it doesn't fit all of his stuff. However, when he saw how easy I could carry mine around and fit my gear in, he actually ordered one as well! Great deal, great price! :)
  • By Everson On 2017-12-15This picture doesn't really show how nice this bag is! It is perfect for storing fins, mask, and snorkel! It appears to be great quality too. It easily handled a week of snorkeling and SCUBA in the Florida Keys with no damage or signs of wear. It was on the boat all day for a week and was used for at least 3 dives each day. Great product at a great price!
  • By Amazon Customer On 2017-12-15great mesh bags should work great
  • By wenwin On 2017-12-15easily fits my fins, booties, snorkel, and mask with room for towels and water! very manageable size and the bright color makes it easy to keep track of on a boat with lots of people

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Mesh Bag Draw String w/ Shoulder Strap YellowMesh Bag Draw String w/ Shoulder Strap YellowPB000021$20.00  $16.00Save: 20% off717 reviews

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